Meet Our Team

The award-winning team at MHC Culinary Group, is passionate about working with clients to create memorable moments for their guests. Our talented culinary team and our experienced professional staff, will exceed your expectations and give you the confidence that your event will be talked about for years to come! We can’t wait to work with you!

  • Management Team

    Keith Reardon, Vice President & General Manager

    651.726.8801 Direct

    Robin McDonough, Assistant General Manager

    651.726.8803 Direct

    Paula Soderberg, Director of Human Resources

    651.726.8824 Direct

  • Sales Team

    Jillian Alspach, Director of Catering Sales

    651.726.8807 Direct

    Julia Hurtley, Senior Catering Sales Manager

    651.726.8804 Direct

    Sienna Suiter, Catering Sales Manager

    651.726.8816 Direct

  • Culinary Team

    Sam Rose, Director of Culinary

    651.726.8805 Direct

    Shaun Tuckwell, Executive Chef

    651.726.xxxx Direct

    Victor Volney, Sous Chef

    651.726.8811 Direct

    Christina Soltis, Sous Chef

    651.726.8811 Direct

    Inese Dulbe, Sous Chef

    651.726.8811 Direct

    Jesse Sturm, Sous Chef – Headwaters Cafe

    651.726.8811 Direct

  • Operations Team

    Jim Domagall, Director of Operations – Restaurants, Bars, Concessions & Retail

    651.726.8818 Direct

    Christie Forciea, Director of Operations – Catering

    651.726.8812 Direct

    Albert Lok, Operations Manager

    651.726.8180 Direct

  • Accounting

    Mark Nelson, Food & Beverage Unit Support Accountant

    651.726.8827 Direct

  • Human Resources

    Paula Soderberg, Director of Human Resources

    651.726.8824 Direct